Backyard solutions
Thermowood decks

We have created environmentally friendly product range of thermal wood terraces, which are easy to install yourself. You can also order our installation.

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If you have a desire to own a cozy and practical tiny house, then fully furnished HotLod is designed for you

HotLod does not require a building permit and we'll install it in your yard in one working day.
The floor and ceiling of the tiny house are insulated with 250mm rockwool and the walls have 200mm insulation.

Price at the factory 37 100 EUR
(includes VAT 20%)

Building area 18,2 m²
Internal area 13,5 m²
Decking area 20 m²

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Free DIY instructions

Here you find a wide range of do it yourself instructions.
The instruction has detailed drawings with explanation of what you need and how to do it.
It gives you the opportunity to feel like a real professional!

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